Young Thor - Model Sheet

Digital Painting 2017
Cartoon drawing mostly facial expressions of Thor as a teenager

This is a work-in-progress from a skills enrichment project I’ve been working on. It’s a reimagining of Norse Mythology, with Thor and Loki in their late teens. As a life-long fan of animation, it’s been a lot of fun working from this angle. I’m hoping to show more as the project progresses. 

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Jeff Butler

Jeff Butler is an American illustrator, comic book and video game artist. Butler is best known in the comic industry for his work on Badger and The Green Hornet. He worked in the art department of TSR Inc., illustrating products for Dungeons & Dragons and the Marvel Super Heroes role-playing games. He also created character and concept art for 11 AAA video games, working for Raven Software. Butler appears at various comic events and teaches in the Madison area.